Student Night – My View On Student Bars & Nightlife

Students like to drink! That’s what people say right? That’s all they do apparently. Maybe they go to lectures, maybe they don’t. They have memorised the TV Guide and they wait all day to go to whatever student night is on around town that night. Does that sound like something you’ve heard before? I have a different view though!

The trouble is, students get a bad rap! They all get painted with the same brush regardless of their interests, background and opinions on drinking and nightlife.

Now, before I go on I want to point out that I do have a lot of experience in the student market so this isn’t just some opinion of mine…it’s based on years of running and overseeing student bars for a large University in the UK. Overall, I operated six bars/nightclubs for the University as well as their catering outfits so I saw a lot of things during the years I spent there.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the things that people assume go on at student bars do happen. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. But what I realised was that a lot of what goes on is kind is the product of a self-fulfilling prophecy from the part played by the people running these venues!

So, what do I mean by that? Well, as I’ve written about many times on the pages of Your Bar Consultant I’m a big believer in three things when it comes to the operations of a Bar & Hospitality business…Standards, Consistency & Attention to Detail. I see these as the three points that people should keep in mind for all areas of their business. If I’m honest, it was during my time working within the university student night environment that I really enforced these into the way I operated.

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What I realised was if you treat your customers as if they are going to act irresponsibly and that they will act inappropriately then guess what…you’re going to have customers that act irresponsibly and inappropriately! If you buy ugly furniture because you think that your customers will damage nicer furniture because they act irresponsibly then guess what…your customers will treat your furniture irresponsibly.

Do you get where I’m going with this?

It really didn’t take me long to realise that if you treat your customers with the respect they deserve and offer them the high standards and consistency that they would expect in any Bar & Hospitality business then you will see the change in how your customers respond to your business and service. It’s simple. It’s the same for any market.

Students want value for their purchases just like any other customer. They may expect for their purchases to cost less in their student bars and at their student nights but that doesn’t mean that their experience and level of customer service has to be any less than that of any other customer or at any other bar!

The student market can be very lucrative for bars and if you’re lucky enough to be in an area that has a strong student population then you could be on to a winner! My advice to anyone who is in an area such as this is this…give all of your customers the best service possible. Ensure that all the activities that occur on your premises are inline with the law and that nothing occurs that could put your premises into an unfavourable light or worse.

If you have read my book, Do You Need Help With Running Your Bar? then you will have read the chapter that talks about Life Customers and how to value your customers. The experience that students have whilst at university and the memories, friends and life moments that they have during this time become key points in their life! The memory of the time spent in your business can become one of the life moments that will stay with them forever! You just have to ensure that the experiences they receive at your bar is an experience they’ll remember!

What is your experience within the student market with student nights? Let me know in the comments below

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