Find Jobs In The Best Bars

Find Jobs in the Best Bars: 5 Key Skills and Qualities You Need

Not every bar is the same, not every manager you work for is going to the same as in your previous employment and unfortunately, not every bar job you land is going to be the perfect role. If you are looking to find jobs in the best bars then there are some things that you can do to help to achieve that.

What does the ‘Best Bar’ even mean though? Well, it means different things to different people. From an employee point of view it would mean the best place of employment for you that meets your needs and requirements. A place where going to work is something you look forward to. You shouldn’t dread having to go to work. Find a job in a bar that fulfills your wants and needs and it well no longer feel such a chore.

This is not a list made up of the typical usual skills for working in a bar. I won’t be talking about being able to memorise and mix 100 cocktails or being able to remember a 50 drink order and get it right first time. This is a list of the skills, attitudes and qualities that will help you to land that job interview and be successful in it. Remember that working in a bar requires a lot more than just the ability to pour drinks. You are working with people and interacting with different people from different walks of life which require a whole set of different skills entirely.

So how do you find this perfect bar job and how do you land it once you’ve found it? Let’s have a look at 5 skills, qualities and attributes that you need to land the best bar jobs!

Do Research

This may not exactly be a skill or a quality but it is something that is extremely important. When you find the bar job that you are looking for it may seem perfect on paper but what do you really know about the place? What do you really know about the people that work there? You may know from reputation or even from your experience visiting the bar on a night out that it is a great place for socialising but what about working there? These are two totally different interactions with a bar.

This is where research comes in! There is nothing stopping you from doing some research into the bar to see if it in fact a place that you’d like to work. There’s lots of ways to do this but one of the easiest is to just ask the staff. Get into a conversation with them about working in a bar and you’ll be able to get some insight into what it’s like working there. Be careful not to ask them anything that could potentially get them into trouble however. Be tactful but try to get the information that you need.

You could ask them, what are the hours like? What are the managers like? What is the staffing structure? How do they find dealing with the customers that visit the bar? What are the training and progression opportunities like?

You’ll get some really good insights into the bar by doing this that can really help you to decide if it is the type of place that you’d like to work yourself. Be careful to not get too influenced by the responses however. Remember that a lot of this is just their opinion and you may be able to create a different reality for yourself if you were to work there.

Be Flexible

No, I’m not talking in the athletic sense here. I’m referring to having a flexible approach to work. Don’t get this confused with being a push over. No body likes being taken advantage of. Having a flexible approach to work means that you can adapt and you can become a really useful member of the team. Managers like to have staff that are experts at certain areas of the business but they also like people who can turn their hands to different task. Being able to try different things makes you much more useful and also helps with your future employability prospects as you will have more experience to draw upon.

Expressing to your employer that you want to learn and progress is something that they will really want to see in their staff. It shows that people have commitment and drive and it will help you to get the most out of your employers for yourself!

Strong Communication Skills

Being able to communicate well within the team is extremely important and being a strong communicator is something that can elevate you above the rest of the team. If you can demonstrate that you communicate well with others then you are one step closer to landing that perfect bar job.

Remember that being a good communicator isn’t just about talking. Listening is just as important. It may not be the most exciting of topics to learn about but reading a few books about communicating skills is a really good way to get ahead. Learning about the best ways to communicate with others and being able to recognise their skills (or lack of) will give you better insight into the team and will easily help you to become a valued member one you land the role.

Showing Genuine Interest

You’ve done your research, you’ve landed a job interview. You’re communicating well through your new ‘communication skills’ that you’ve learnt from your books. So what next? Well, being able to show genuine interest in the roll during an interview shows your interviewer that you are the right person. Remember that the position needs to be the right job for you but your interviewer is wanting to find the right person for that job. A person that can talk about the bar or the company as a whole, or can reel of some facts or statistics that relate to the company will show your interviewer that you have gone that extra mile to land the role and they will see you as someone who will do that little bit more if it means being able to perform better!

It’s easy to Google the place that you are looking to work at. Give it a try and pull out 3 or 4 nuggets of information that will impress your interviewer.

Look Like You Want The Job

This is pretty obvious right? You need to present yourself like your serious, like you want this job more than anything. Don’t be too eager and be off putting however. Just like in the previous point, showing your interviewer that you are the right person for this role will put you that little bit further forward to landing it.

Your interviewer wants to see that you present yourself well in your appearance. They want to see that you have confidence and that you carry yourself well. They want to see that you will fit in with the team and that you are the type of person that will do well in their business. You’ve already done your research so you’ve already decided that you could fit in well there. Show your potential future employers why you are the right person. Remember that a huge part of our communication is done non verbally so how you present and carry yourself in an interview could be make or break.

Extra attributes

So, there you have 5 key skills, qualities and attributes that will help you to land that dream bar job. Don’t forget that there are a lot of other important things to keep in mind when being interviewed and after you begin working:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Being Friendly & Approachable
  • Tact & Diplomacy
  • Honesty

…there’s so many more!

Remember, if you are going daily to a job you hate then you are going to the wrong job! We all have the ability to get the job we want, it just takes some time, commitment and drive to get it…but when you do, it’s so worth it!

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