Better Staff Training, The Secret Ingredient

Why better staff training is the secret ingredient

Why better staff training is the secret ingredient

It’s a shame but a lot of bar owners and bar managers tend to disregard training. They are more focused on the experience a person has already when they hire them. Training staff is one of, if not the most important aspect of running a bar or any hospitality business. Staff are the face of the business and having them promote and champion the business every day makes the business a success. You need not wait for your employees to make mistakes so they can learn from them. Engage them in training seminars and sessions so they can learn the latest there is in the hospitality industry.


How many bars are in your area? The bar and hospitality industry is not only dynamic but also competitive. Professional employees will keep you few strides ahead of your competition. Employing experienced personnel is a good option, but expensive and involving. Training your employees is the better option.


For bar owners and bar managers, customer satisfaction should be your first priority. Customers are satisfied when they are offered good services. Trained employees are more productive and efficient. Training employees on good communication skills and the technical skills in their areas of expertise will increase the efficiency of services provided by your bar. What more could a bar owner ask for?

Frugal use of resources

Anyone who owns a business struggles to use minimal resources and gain large proceeds from the business. A well-trained employee will make good use of resources with minimal wastage. For instance, a trained bartender will get a cocktail right the first time. The expensive liquor will not be wasted simply because they did not put the right proportion the first time.

Standardised output

Some employees provide better services than others. Cases of double standards in your bar can be bad for business. It is regarded impossible to have all workers producing the same quality. Training can help. Employees who are trained by the same person will tend to produce identical services.


Offering training opportunities for your employees boosts their morale. Employees are always on the lookout for better opportunities. Training improves their skills and helps grow their careers. Employees are content when you offer them growth opportunities. Training will help boost their morale and it will help you maintain them. Loyal employees have a positive impact in the hospitality industry.

Keep up with changes

The hospitality industry is not resistant to change. What staff may have learned from past experience may not be the best way to do things now. They need to be up to date with the latest trends. While some are enthusiastic enough to learn new things on their own, most of them will not learn them unless you offer training opportunities.

Training of employees should not be a one-time thing. You need to maintain an ongoing training program. As you can deduce from the information above, you have a lot to gain by regularly training the employees.

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